DCD12 12th International Conference on Developmental Coordination Disorder

5th - 8th July 2017

Fremantle Western Australia

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CanChild is a research and educational centre for children and youth with disabilities based at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1989 and provides a wealth of childhood disability information. CanChild has a specific focus on Developmental Coordination Disorder. Their website has a wealth of educational material for home, school, community, health professionals and physicians.



Movement Matters UK is a collaborative group involved in Developmental Coordination Disorder and Dyspraxia in the UK. Formed in 2011 it is focussed on promoting the existence of DCD and Dyspraxia, providing guidance on assessment and management and informing policy.




Independent Living Centre WA - Making choices, finding solutions

The Independent Living Centre WA (ILC) provides information and advice, assessment, funding and hire services that enable Western Australians of all ages and abilities to live more independent and fulfilling lives.

Service areas include carer support, respite and carelink, multicultural aged care, assistive technology and equipment, Noah’s Ark WA, occupational therapy driver assessment, Home and Community Care regional assessment, and grants and equipment funding.



Educational support

Classroom management: School of Special Educational Needs: Disability (SEND)

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