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This web site is an initiative of the Western Australian Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) Research Group, proudly supported by the Australian Government's Collaborative Research Networks program. Its members want to provide the community with up to date information about Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). In particular this website is a portal for information about work being done in Western Australia, intervention programs and services available to families and carers, and professional resources for practitioners.

The meerkat, a small mammal that inhabits the semi-desert plains of southern Africa, was chosen as the group's emblem for its strong community support and its selfless behaviour. Meerkats take turns to stand guard and watch over the rest of their community, and also share with babysitting duties when a mother goes to forage for food. Also generous in nature, the meerkats are happy to share their burrow with other non-threatening species. The qualities of community support, a protective environment and generosity are the aims of the DCD research collaboration in order to better understand and support children, adolescents and adults with movement difficulties.

Parents, carers and practitioners are encouraged to explore the website for more information about DCD. Contact details are provided for specific programs and services throughout.

If you are a professional who wants to become involved, provide details of a program or service provided, please contact us.

We aim to better understand and support children, adolescents and adults with movement difficulties

Get involved in research!

We are seeking boys aged 8-11 years old to do a number of fun, simple fine motor tasks for a PhD project. We would like some boys with a high level of movement skills and some with a low level of movement skills (DCD).

What is involved?

The parent and child will need to attend the University of Notre Dame Fremantle on two occasions. They will be paid a small gratuity to cover expenses such as parking or transport. On the first visit the child will complete a series of fun and simple tasks from the McCarron assessments of Neuromuscular Development (MAND). On the second visit the child will complete eight tasks asking him to imagine or perform movements.

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Current Projects

DCD12 Conference coming to Fremantle, 5-8 July 2017

The MoveGrowEngage Team is preparing to host the 12th International Conference on Developmental Coordination Disorder.

Registrations NOW OPEN!

Call for Abstracts: Friday 1 July 2016
Abstracts Close: Friday 16th September 2016

Visit the website www.DCD12.com.au or facebook https://www.facebook.com/dcd12/

For more information email DCD12@nd.edu.au

News and Events

12th International Conference on Developmental Coordination Disorder

5-8th July 2017

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges, Western Australia.

Public Health Seminar: In Search of Developmental Coordination Disorder

When: Monday 21st November 5.30-6.30pm

Where: The University of Notre Dame

Health Sciences Building, Level 2, 33 Phillimore St, Fremantle

RSVP: louisa.smith@nd.edu.au

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